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Gloria Misson, PhD student from the University of Trieste (Italy)

Gloria Misson has been in CEAB-CSIC working with GAME members for the past 3 months.  She has been learning advanced techniques for seagrass sediment cores analysis and developing statistical techiques to analyse time series data from the Balearic Islands.

Her PhD project proposes experimental models to assess seagrass meadows and seagrass wrack decomposition dynamics in both controlled conditions and experimental fields in North-East Italy, with focus on CO2 and CH4 emissions, as a function of temperature, salinity, water supply and physical properties.

The experiment models include the following activities:
– Understand the role of seagrass and sediment features in carbon sequestration; – Describe the seagrass deposition dynamics and characterize the plant biomass; – Measure the CO₂ efflux from litter decomposition using Uniud-SR, an automatic open-top chamber   system (laboratory experiment) and litter bags (field experiment); – Assess the CH4 efflux from the litter materials decomposing in anaerobic conditions in a laboratory scale set-up.

Gloria, we hope you spent a nice time here. From our side, it was a pleasure for all of us to have you here. Good luck!



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