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My name is Martin Dahl and I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. I have my basic-training at Stockholm University in Bio-Earth Science and Marine Biology. At Stockholm University, I continued my education as a PhD in 2013 and post-doc (2019-2021) with focus on seagrass ecology and coastal carbon storage. I’m currently employed as a lecturer at Södertörn University and teaches classes in GIS, as well as a researcher at CEAB within the GAME. My research interests focus on landscape ecology, Blue Carbon, human-induced impacts on coastal ecosystems and paleo-ecology. A new project will launch in early 2022 where we will use various paleo-proxies to assess how land-use change and climate change have affected the nutrient retention of coastal habitats in the Baltic Sea during the last 300 years. The Baltic Sea is highly impacted by eutrophication and this project aim to increase the understanding of how human activities (through land-use change and climate change) have affected the nitrogen uptake in the past. This information can be used not only for understanding the historical and present situation but also for making future predictions.


Music and collecting vintage LP-records, nature, running


Unravelling the relative influence of climate and land-use change on nitrogen retention in Baltic Sea coastal sediments over the last 300 years

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