The Group of Aquatic Macrophyte Ecology (GAME) has pioneered the study of the carbon cycle associated to coastal ecosystems dominated by marine phanerogames. Over the last three decades our group has specialized in the study of the phenomenon of refractory accumulation of organic carbon during centuries or millennia in the sediments under seagrass meadows in Mediterranean, tropical and sub-tropical environments. By mid 2000’s, a new research line is incorporated to study the long-term change in the ecosystems (patterns and trends) based in the analysis of the environmental archive constituted by the sediments of some seagrasses, most particularly those of the Posidonia genus. Recently, after being granted with a European Union LIFE project, GAME extends its field of interest to a new environment: the saltmarshes.

Ours is a transdisciplinary group with a high degree of internationalization. Since 2009 we work hand in hand with the Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research of the Edith Cowan University of Perth, Australia, hence extending our regular geographical activity frame to the great diversity of the Australian coastal ecosystems. Our integrative, inclusive and collaborative vocation leads us to make incursions in a wide variety of scientific disciplines such as biogeochemistry, molecular biology, edaphology, geophysics, palaeoecology, palynology, microbiology, genetics, or archaeology, among others.

With around 20 national and international competitive projects, GAME has been contributing quality fundamental knowledge to serve the society to elaborate effective strategies for the conservation of the natural patrimony of the coasts of our planet. More about us

Our projects
Life Blue Natura

Life Blue Natura

It is well known that forests and other terrestrial habitats act as carbon sinks by…



The alarming rise of CO2 in the atmosphere, which has reached the threshold of 400…



Millenary changes in the insular Spanish National Parks: perturbations, resilience and trends after the seagrass…

26Feb 17

ASLO 2017

It will take place in Hololulu, Hawai, from February 26th to March 3rd of 2017

Acaba SUMILEN, Sigue Blue Carbon

Acaba SUMILEN, sigue Blue Carbon

El proyecto SUMILEN financiado por el Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, ejecutado por el grupo…

Muestreo De éxito En Andalucía

Muestreo de éxito en Andalucía

El equipo GAME regresó hace unas semanas de la segunda gran campaña en la costa…

¿Dónde Está El Carbono Azul? LIFE Blue Natura

¿Dónde está el carbono azul? LIFE Blue Natura se hace eco de nuestras actividades dentro del proyecto LIFE BLUE NATURA. Carbono azul…

Campaña de muestreo, Cubierta del Buque Garcia del Cid, Mar Balear, Junio 2015.
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Campaña de muestreo, Cubierta del Buque Garcia del Cid, Isla Negra, Andalucía, Octubre 2017.
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Extrayendo CORES en pradera de P.oceanica, Aguamarga, Andalucía, Octubre 2017.
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Comisión de seguimiento LIFE BLUE NATURA, Almería, Noviembre 2017.
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